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Things You Need To Know Before Studying Cyber Security

If you want to make a career in cyber security, first of all you have to be mentally mature, You need to understand that you will not learn ethical hacking cyber security if you watch four YouTube videos or download four tools from GitHub and start using them.

If possible, do a little Google search and try to understand which things to learn, On some websites you will find that you need to learn networking and a little programming without which you will not be able to pursue a career in cybersecurity. Most of the students will try to go to YouTube for networking after knowing this and there is a little bit of mistake here since you don’t have the infrastructure to build a network so you can’t learn it just by watching lectures on YouTube so you need a network simulation tool that you have to practice.

Then if I talk about programming then maybe you will try to learn by watching some videos I will not say that you can’t learn programming by watching videos but you don’t know what you need to know you must watch videos to get ideas about programming.

You can visit and check for your favorite cyber security tools just check the issues & pull request options understand how GitHub work basically people use GitHub for version control mean we can create open source programs with this GitHub.

Due to lack of funds many students are not able to study this subject because if they want to learn from any good place they have to invest in education and in many cases they cannot make final decision even after deciding to learn.

If you can get involved in a small job like content writing for a blog or managing their social media for a company.

After the penetration test we have to write a report where we explain how to patch a system that is at risk due to security flaws. So if you already have a little bit of content writing experience it is good that you can make it with a little bit of freelancing work. I believe that there is a big difference between the two things, but I have tested many students, they can not write 1 page well, on the other hand, it is seen that in terms of studies, they are very good final year students in college.

A Google search will show that all the companies that are hiring about cyber security ask questions in their job meetings which will be a technical matter, Without hands-on experience, it is difficult to answer any question. NATIONAL INITIATIVE FOR CYBERSECURITY CAREERS AND STUDIES which is a government website that can be used to find out what kind of skills are required to do a job in cyber security where qualifications and skills are written with special numbers but sadly very few places in our country this type of training is given on these subjects.

We have cyber future training for all computer science students which includes both training and internship

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