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Earn As A Student In Cyber Security: Expectations vs. Reality

Earn As A Student In Cyber Security: Expectations vs. Reality

Most of the Cybersecurity students & Practitioners fail to earn & become unpaid Ethical hackers, Come on, Let’s be honest, most Cybersecurity consultants & students rely on selling courses, training, doing unpaid internships in companies & expecting to get paid jobs. Let’s tear this down. Don’t scroll if you’re just browsing, sit at a comfortable place, relax….Then read this to get paid as an Ethical hacker.


Table of content

1. Science of money: By-Product of value

2. Problems with cybersecurity students & becoming unpaid

3. The Dark Truth of Shi**y courses offering you a high paying job

4. Ways to get paid  for your Ethical Hacking skills

5. Ways to learn by doing


Science of money: By-Product of value


If you can’t see the big picture, it’s a complete distraction


Having said that, most people choose to be irresponsible at every stage of their lives, be it financially, morally, mentally, or physically. You would have noticed many, if not all, industries are not aware of the fact that the end-product is not the only aspect in value. I can count countless examples, that tell us, we may not need to be highly paid professionals to make money or contribute positively to society. It all starts with being happy with our being and understanding that, there are some skills needed to get paid.


If someone is offering you a job, you have the responsibility to test their security,  & secure their business, that’s the tool for stakeholders & business people to make money. A cyber-attack cost them millions. Expect giving millions to hackers, they’re giving some thousand dollars to you & your colleagues to guard them. – That’s the only business between you & the company – NOBODY cares about certifications, degrees, or anything.


Problems with cybersecurity students & becoming unpaid


Expectation vs. Reality: A race that will continue throughout life 💔

Mostly Freshers are too motivated & excited for their journey & started building castles in the air. But don’t know they gonna rip off, and their dreams will blast like a ballon. Nothing is wrong with dreaming, but be a bit practical about what’s real & actual – Else this results in Demotivation, Depression, stress, and a lot of sleepless nights.


Here are some points at your fault:

  • You might endlessly be looking for free courses on telegram, WhatsApp & thinking sometimes a miracle happens & BOOM! You’re OSCP certified, Senior Penetration tester at an MNC with $135000/a of salary. – Nothing is going to happen like this

  • Wasting time in useless activities, attending unwanted workshops, learning without a pattern, randomly anything. Make an end goal. Ex: If you’re learning Python, take a temporary & end goal like. End Goal: To be able to understand & build applications with ML & deep learning algorithms with Pytorch. Temporary Goal: To be able to understand classes, objects, make functions & build programs like calculators & voice assistants in 30 days.

  • Just following & learning skills that so-called Ethical Hackers on Youtube telling you to learn & end of the day selling a course. This brings me to the next point


Shi**y courses offering you a high paying job – The Dark Truth


If you’re doing a course in “Information Security” or “Ethical hacking & Pentesting course”, expect it to be a scam, run like any other fake course in the market. After more than a decade since these courses came to the market, the best & brightest hackers on the market have found a way to use these “Bug bounty – earning dollars freely” courses as a legitimate offer.


Simply they are the people who are not successful to build their career, wasted their money on courses, tried everything but failed, now they have a youtube channel where they are teaching you how to become an Ethical hacker & earn 6-7 figures which they did. Not by working as an Ethical hacker, actually by selling courses targeting people’s insecurities for money. Never listen to those & work only with legit people. This brings me to the next point.


Ways to get paid for your Ethical Hacking skills

Built yourself first: You can’t use an incomplete home to live. Built yourself with the right skills. Again not always trust so-called hackers, do your research to know the right skills to learn. Here we go:

Step 1. Do a google search on cybersecurity analyst/associate/VP jobs, check the requirements & skills required for the role. And go learn it.

Step 2: Ask experts: I understand experts like CTO’s CEOs are extremely busy, but try to contact at least 50-60 CEOs through email scraping. Ask them, you can use this email template.


Subject: I have a few questions


Hi firstName,

I wanted to reach out and thank you for taking the time to speak with me today. I appreciate the insight into your company and the work you do there.

I have a few questions that I would like to ask you about cybersecurity. I know you are busy, but would it be okay if I ask a few quick questions?


Best regards,

-Your name


Step 3. Learn those skills recommended by experts, everything is available on the internet except death.

Now you have the skills that have high demand

It’s time to build a portfolio/experience, you can do this by reaching out to the companies & work for them – All you need is experience to succeed. Here’s an email template you can use.

Subject: Question about HR?

Dear <name>

I am a cybersecurity student and I am interested in your company. I have been following the latest cyber attacks in your industry and I am happy to volunteer my time to work with you complementary.

The only thing is that I don’t know how to get started. Do you mind if I spend 5 minutes on a quick call with you to take it further?

Thank you,

-Your name

Ways to learn by doing (ADVICE)

  1. Free, online web security training from the creators of Burp Suite


2. Cehpoint E-Learning provides Live Cybersecurity training with an Internship program for all.

It introduces penetration testing tools and techniques via the hands-on experience of Offsec Proving ground, Tryhackme, Hackthebox. Cehpoint trains not only the skills but also the mindset required to be a successful Penetration tester, Security Analysis, Security Engineer.



Cybersecurity can be highly rewarding in terms of career, just you need is the right direction to proceed & learn the skills.

In the end, I wish you nothing but success, go on learn new skills, meet new people, &  have a solid career. If you’re not sure where to start, you can drop me a message on WhatsApp +919091156095 with just a Hi or I want some guidance, I respond to all DM’s which I think the person is serious.



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