Tuesday, August 3, 2021
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WhatsApp To Launch Multi-Device Feature


The WhatsApp multi-device support is expected to come out sooner than later.The application is expected to launch the Beta version of it very soon.The company chief Mark zuckerberg has officially anounced that the feature is going to launch in the upcoming 2 months.The feature has been reported in several devices, but it has not been made functional, even for the beta testers.


A screenshot has been shared by WABetaInfo, a website that tracks features on the beta version.The screengrab mentions that the multi device support on whatsapp is likely going to work on four devices and one smarthphone at once.This means that it will not support multiple smartphones initially.The other device formats include Whatsapp Web,WhatsApp Desktop and Portal only.


Additionally,WhatsApp also posted some pointers regarding the new features.The users who are generally having an outdated version of WhatsApp will not be able to receive the calls, messages from web,desktop or portal.


Another rumour is that the Application is soon going to add the “Disappearing mode”.With the help of this mod, users will be able to convert all chats to disappearing mode where message will automatically delete after a stipulated time period.


Another featureĀ  Whatsapp is going to add is the “view-once” messages.As the name suggests, once the feature is turned on,messages that are read or viewed once will disappear.

These are the updates currently we are hearing about WhatsApp.For more further updates,Keep following technews.



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